Our Kombucha Kit

includes an authentic, "FDA-safety-checked-for-home-brewing" Laurel Farms® Kombucha "mother" culture, "starter" tea, literature box, plus a 21 page literature kit.

About an hour's worth of reading, our literature kit has been fact-checked by the FDA for accuracy, and includes the "27 Most Asked Questions" brochure, Illustrated Recipe Sheet (Recipe Sheets are also available in Spanish and French upon request) the Real History of the Kombucha, Frequently Asked Questions, 7 Very Important Tips for Growing Great Kombuchas, Collected Customer Tips, How Kombucha Works in the Body, Kombucha Care, Testimonials, Beauty Secrets, plus How-to-Use information for pets, plants and farm animals. Betsy Pryor, author (along with Sanford Holst) of two best-selling books on Kombucha, is the acknowledged Kombucha authority in the USA and has written, along with her staff, all the literature included in our kombucha kit.

Laurel Farms® is proud that our Kombuchas are used in research centers, pharmaceutical companies and universities. An independent study judged Kombucha Tea® made from the Laurel Farms® Kombucha to be the "most biologically active" of all tested worldwide. The Laurel Farms® strain of Kombucha (our very own) is FDA approved as a food, grown under optimal sanitary and climatic conditions, and shipped directly to you immediately after harvest. Betsy Pryor personally supervises the growing, packing and shipping of all Laurel Farms® Kombucha Tea® cultures. We guarantee the purity, integrity and consistency of our Kombuchas or your money back.

$39.00 USA and Territories

$70.00 Canada, Caribbean and European Union Countries

For shipments to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Russia, Australia, South and Central America, please contact us first for additional costs and customs information.